Learn Arabic in egypt

AccomodationsCurrently we have two student residences at the same building available for students who request them located 3 mints walking distance from our institute in Muhandseen .
The flat itself consists of three-bedrooms, each with two beds, a kitchen with modern appliances, a large, full bathroom, and a spacious living area. There is a TV with satellite reception in the living area. The flat enjoys beautiful sunlight during the day

Mohandseen is an upper-scale neighborhood, home to more western-style cafes, such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Cilantro as well as restaurants such as Mori Sushi and Chilis. There are also plenty of restaurants serving various cuisines such as Lebanese or Indian. It’s main strip, Gameat il-Dowal il-Arabia (Arab League Street) cuts through Mohandseen, lined with shops, clubs and restaurants.

It also offers a slew of Middle Eastern-style markets and shopping. Living in Muhandseen allows the student a true experience of the diversity of Cairo.
    Our apartments 3 minutes walking distance from our school as well as from public transportation.


1 Month

3 weeks

2 weeks

1 weeks

1 Day


225 EUR

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450 EUR

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