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Modern Standard Arabic Program (MSA)Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the modernized version of classical Arabic which is the language of the Noble Qur'an and all Arab religious texts.MSA is exactly the same across the Arab world as it is the official language of all Arab countries. There are no local varieties of Modern Standard Arabic and it is taught at Arab schools, colleges, and universities.  It appears in written forms including in literature, books, media, newspapers, magazines, official documents and correspondence, etc. It is also heard in spoken formal forms including TV news and debates, speeches, government and parliament, conferences, seminars, summits, religious sermons and assemblies. Hence, if the student is targeting the written and official form of the Arabic language, Modern Standard Language is the best choice.

 Why study MSA with Arabeya?

There are many reasons individuals and universities all over the world choose Arabeya over other institutions on the basis of its reputation only.

Here are some of the main reasons:

  •  Arabeya has a very long and professional track record teaching Arabic as a foreign language through its full-time instructors who are native speakers, specialized and highly qualified to teach Arabic as a foreign language.
  •  Over time, we have taught MSA to very prominent figures including judges, diplomats, ambassadors, PHD/MA Arabic professors, journalists, novelists, historians, lawyers, in addition to students of Middle Eastern studies and other specializations from all over the world. In addition, we have the pleasure to teach MSA to Arabic language beginners. We have been teaching MSA in cooperation with various universities including Uppsala University, Bamberg University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, etc.
  •  Record of excellence in teaching Arabic language through a set of highly effective methods and approaches that encourage learners of all nationalities to use the Arabic language effectively.
  •  MSA programs are offered at any time in the year to meet all kinds of requests: Intensive programs, short-term programs, long term programs, one to one programs, small group programs, seasonal programs, and semester programs.
  •  A wide range of class availability to suit the busy schedules of our students all over the world.

  Programs are tailored based on learners' requests, levels, and ages.

  •  Curriculums tailored to students' specific areas of interest.
  •  We teach from the most famous Arabic textbooks in addition to our own materials; however, Arabeya is flexible and can teach from any textbook chosen by the learner.
  •  For learners who have prior knowledge of Arabic, we build upon what you have learned previously and we can teach you from your own textbook upon request.
  •  One of the free services Arabeya offers to all its students is a qualified educational mentor who is dedicated to monitor the entire educational process, from start to end, with the teacher and the student through our unique educational method.
  •  There are no hidden fees and we offer free registrations, a free placement test, a free certificate and free Wi fi access.
  •  We offer a free trial lesson upon request.
  •  Our school has two locations in two prominent Cairo neighborhoods and students can choose the location that best suits them.

  Course Catalog:


The main goal of our MSA courses is to help students to master both the Arabic language oral form (speaking – listening), and the written form (reading and writing) at an academic level in the context of Arabic literature, politics, culture, society, history,  etc.


Arabeya offers MSA courses that are based mainly on "Al-kitaabfiiTa'allum Al-'Arabiyya" series by Abbas Al- Tonsi et al. or "Lughatuna Al-FuSHa" series by Samia Louis in addition to our own materials and teachings aids. Also, we are flexible to teach students from their own MSA chosen text books especially in one-to-one classesincluding Al-kitab Al-Assasi, Al-ArabiyyatuBaynaYaadayk, Madina, and Modern Standard Arabic byEckehardSchultz, Mastering Arabic by Mahmoud Gaafar et al., Rosetta Stone Arabic, etc.


Arabeya MSA courses include13levels that are designed upon the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).   Each level requires around 60 hours. However, the amount of hours depends mainly on the student's capability to acquire the language and the number of students in the classroom.

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