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Terms and Conditions

Arabeya Terms and Conditions


  1. Advance payment of lessons must be a month prior to the starting date of the program. In case of late booking (2 weeks prior to the starting date), advance payment has to be at least one week in advance.
  2. Arabeya is not responsible for any bank/transfer charges.
  3. Booking is confirmed upon receiving the advance payment.
  4. Full payment has to be received at the first day of classes.
  5. There are no registration or placement test fees. FREE
  6. Installments are possible upon the education manager's approval (with no extra charge) for long term programs that start with six months.  In this case, the total amount of payment is divided on two installments for six-month programs and on three installments for more than six months programs.  Accordingly, learners have to pay the first installment at the first day of classes and has to respect the dates of due payment specified by the administration office.
  7. For learners who booked the accommodation service, they have to pay 100 Euro as a damage deposit in the check in date.   
  8. Payments are accepted in cash, Bank Transfers, Western Union, Paypal, or Skrill.


  1. The advance payment is not refundable once the booking is confirmed.
  2. No refunds are made once the program starts. However, it is possible that you postpone your program to another date within four months of your registration, and with 10% administration fees. In this case, learners have to inform us about their restarting date at least 2 weeks in advance.
  3. If the fees are fully paid and the program is cancelled before the starting date, the program fees are refundable but the advance payment is not refundable.
  4. Credit hours are neither possible to be transferred to other learners nor to be refunded in cash nor to be refunded after the passage of four months.
  5. For one to one running programs, if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the lesson time, the tuition fees of this lesson will be fully refundable in terms of tuition hours.  If the cancellation of the lesson is made 24 hours prior to the lesson time, the tuition fees of this lesson will be half refunded in terms of tuition hours. Otherwise, the fees of these missing hours are fully charged.
  6. Accommodation fees are refundable on the first day of check in, with 20% administration fees deduction.
  7. The refunds are made within 15 days in cash, bank transfer or western Union with transfer charges deduction.


  1. Visitors and alcoholic drinks aren't allowed at the accommodation.
  2. Residents have to leave the accommodation facilities clean and in its order, and not to disturb others to have a suitable atmosphere for all learners to study.
  3. On the check-out date, residents have to leave their rooms in order and to hand the key to the administration office in order to get back the damage deposit after the possible deduction of any damage.  
  4. Arabeya is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings; money and anything precious are all at the responsibility of individuals.


  1. The flight information has to be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival date via Otherwise, Arabeya is not responsible for the airport shuttle service.  Also, Arabeya is not responsible for this service if the flight is more than two hours late from the specified time of picking up.
  2.  Learners should be aware that we work one hour less during the Holy month of Ramadan, and that there is a holiday for 4 days during each of the two feasts of Muslims.
  3. Small-group programs open by two learners as a minimum and by 5 learners as a maximum. If the learner books a small group program and we don't have at that time the suitable group for him/her, this learner can start his/her program as one to one with the same cost of group program till we have a group at his/her level.
  4. The tuition hour is 50 minutes; 10 minutes break per hour. The break can be taken separately after each hour, or can be gathered on one time break (according to the class duration).
  5. In case of cancellation or any contact regarding the schedule, contact the administration office via (Muhandisseen Branch: 01000074570 – Tahrir Branch: 0 100095123(/
  6. In case that a learner needs an official paper from Arabeya directed to any student aid agency, the learner has to pay in advance 25% of the selected program as an advance payment.
  7. Learners have to confirm their schedules per week during 24 hours once the schedule is sent. Otherwise, this schedule will not be available after these 24 hours.
  8. If an instructor takes a sudden day off for any sudden circumstances, the learner will be replaced on the schedule of another instructor on this day only or these hours will be refunded in terms of tuition hours with his/her regular instructor.
  9. Arabeya has the right to end any program or dismiss any learner from the accommodation without refund if the learner violates the code of ethics or our policy.

Please feel free to refer back to the senior teachers or the education manager/assistant for any suggestion or complaint. Also, you can send us an email at Your comments or complaints will be taken seriously and secretly with the administration.