Learn Arabic in egypt


Arabya gave us the opportunity to spend nice

Arabya gave us
the opportunity to spend nice, interesting and informative time in
Cairo. The kids were able to learn in 7 days much more than they would
have learnt in months somewhere else.
Thank you
Aya is a
dedicated teacher and has good knowledge in working with kids - very
important and appreciated. She is nice and careful.
Some times she could be more patient.
Mehanny hanafy

Nice language school

This is a very nice language school with nice teachers and good atmosphere. I had a one on one class and helped me alot to increase my arabic skills. Everyone who wants to learn proper spoken arabic should come here


Opinion of the school

Dear people, 

to be in this school was a pleasure and i would like to come again for my next class. 



Camillo Vogt 


Camillo Vogt

Thank you!

My 20 hours intensive lessons in ECA have finally helped to 'switch' from MSA to ECA - thanks to all the Arabeya staff I've had one of my 'lifetime experiences' during this week and thanks to the well organized and structured lessons I've learnt the most within shortest time. Thank you Hasnaa - thank you Hager!

I've been living in Egypt for years now. For me it was such a pleasure and great experience to see that there is such an ambitious, hard-working, well-educated, professional and diligent young generation of Egyptians! My deepest respect!

I'll be back - insh'Allah....

Carmen (MandilSmile)

Carmen Schweizer

Very Motivating

I really enjoyed taking classes (private lessons ECA and MSA) in this school. Before I had studied MSA in University but faced the difficulty of communicating and expressing myself well. After 45h in ECA and some refreshment in MSA I feel much more comfortable in speaking and understanding. For all students of Arabic language I can only encourage you taking lessons here because this is really helpful (especially after the discovery that MSA doesn't help a lot if travelling throughout Arabic countries). And it is very motivating studying here and improvements in speaking arabic can be achieved quickly.


Arab - or how i became a chair

When I first visited arabeya it felt like being accepted as a family member! And since then I've always enjoyed coming back to the school, even if I wouldn't have class - just to see the people again. There was always a helping hand and always a smile when arabic seemed to hard to master. So when it was one of those days again, when nothing worked, when I couldn't remember any of my vocab or grammar we would simply conclude "ana kursi annaharda" - "I am a chair today". So even on the hardest days there was no feeling of giving up or quitting arabic at all, but only a even funnier day! Which motivated me even more in becoming better in arabic. But also beside the lessons and school I had great time together with my teachers, who where always up for any activities outside the school. So arabeya is not only a great place for learning the language but as well to meet new friends and get a helping hand for the sometimes tough life in cairo downton.


Nice experience

This was an interesting and nice new experience for language studies in a foreign country. I had never done before and I recommend this for every Arabic student.


Olaf Pape

great courses

I was taking classes with only one other student and I had four hours of ECA a day, which meant that there was a lot to learn everyday. The teachers helped me to deal with the workload and they provided different types of learning material, such as films, conversation tasks, grammar sheets etc. The school has a very cozy atmosphere and there is constantly coffee and tea being served. The location of the school is perfect, because you can take any of the metro lines and it is only a two-minutes-walk from Sadat station.


A school to recommend

After searching about a suitable school to study arabic with, i am very happy I found Arabeya. The school has a very comfortable and calm environment to study in and everyone is very friendly and helpful. My teachers were excellent and prepared their classes flexible according to my wishes and requirements. Grammar is dealt very detailed so you learn it good and the practise is often in a playful way to keep the fun in the lesson. In the four weeks I spent in the school i learnt fast and a lot. I can recommend this school definitely and i think about rejoing it again for more courses.

Vanessa Salib

Great experience!

I have been at Arabeya for three weeks to study ECA, and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to individual lessons with a great teacher I feel I have made great progress in the language. I also enjoyed the "family-like" atmosphere in the school (for example there was always someone in the kitchen to prepare you a tea). And my student accommodation was well-equipped and only a three-minute walk away from the school. So I can just recommend Arabeya to anyone wishing to successfully study the Arabic language!

Max G.

About Arabeya

I liked the school. The stuff was very nice and polite and helped me with every thing I needed. They were very flexible and respected my wishes. I can recommend others to study there. Many thanks! 


Arabeya school

It was a great experience learning Arabic at 4 u Arabic school . Before coming I couldn't even read the characters properly but after only two weeks of intensive classes I am able to determine complex grammar structures and translate long sentence. It was a great atmosphere with all teachers and students and for sure I want to come back.


Felix a


I really enjoyed my time in the 4 u institute. I learned so much about the Egyptian culture, the religion and of course of the language. Fatima, my teacher was great, she could teach appropriately to anybody's questions and needs. To all students of the Arabic language I can recommend a stay in 4 u institute where I've meet some of the nicest people in my life.



If I could, I would stay for a much longer...

If I coul, I would stay for much longer...My stay at the Arabeya Language Institute was nothing short of perfect. I learned a lot, saw a lot and made amazing friends here in Egypt. I greatly recommend the school for its professionality, atmosphere and forthcoming way of treating its students.Starting with the first e-mail communications, transport from the airport and arrival at the flat, everything worked out splendidly and I always felt well taken care of. The accomodations are appropriate and in a comfortable walking distance to the school. And even catastrophese like the washing machine breaking down were taken care of without any trouble within two days.The staff is amazingly warm-hearted and highly competent. I feel that students and teachers are well-matched to each other and that the teaching methods are uniquely adapted to the students needs and abilities. I came here with only a passive grasp of Arabic, but can hold fluent (if quite simple) conversations. A large part of that is due to the great schedule the school worked out for me.Most people I met here became more like friends than teachers and I hope to see them again either here in Egypt or anywhere in the world. I strongly encourage any and all prospective students to sign up at the school and enjoy a great stay here in Egypt & a fabulous learning opportunity for Arabic.


Irene Adamski

Super zentral gelegen

Sehr zentral gelegen, daher bezueglich der Unterkunft recht grosse Flexibilitaet. Viele Cafes in der Naehe, gute Anbindung. Wala, die Office Managerin , ist eine wahre gute Seele. Jederzeit hilfreich, freundlich und unterstuetzend. Dasselbe gilt fuer Hameed, den Leiter, der Schule. Man versucht, das Programm nach den Wuenschen der Studenten masszuschneidern.  Bei den beiden fuehlt man sich in guten Haenden.



I liked the school a lot, its clean and everyone who is working here is nice and friendly. i liked the lessons a lot, because you go out in the streets and can use everything what you just learned. i can recommand the school for everyone who wants to learn spoken arabic.

Michael Hopfinger

testimonial (opinion about school)

I enjoed the atmosphare at your school your teachers are really friendly. The shedule for your students is so flexible and that suits me really well.

Just the situation on the accomodation were a little bit frustrating in me first week. I felt uncomfortable in the lower appartment and if I had known earlier that there is still a bed in the upper appartment, my first week would had been as good as my second week was.

Please be sure, that I really had a good time, I enjoed learning arabic in a way i never did in germany. It was a pleasure to be her and I had great time.


Franziska Moeker

arabeya school

I really liked learning with arabeya language school because of the teaching style it offers. I liked that there is one teacher assigned to each student so the teacher is able to get a feeling for the student's individual strengths and weaknesses. It is important to feel comfortable to a person in order to be open to speak and by the way of arabeya school this goal is certainly achieved, especially because the teachers are open to talk about anything. Besides that, the organization of the school is excellent, there has never been a communication issue or anything like that. All in all I am very happy with my learning experience with arabeya.

Jasmin Weinert

Great classes at Arabeya

After quick and flexible response from the arabeyya, I had a short and intensive Ammeya class at Arabeyya. In receiving me, the school was very flexible and attentive to what I wanted to do and accomplish during the classes, creating a program perfect for me! 

My teacher was very patient and knowledgeable, coming well prepared to our sessions. Brining a variety of current texts and media, the classes never went dull. 

When I get the chance to return to Egypt to freshen up on my Arabic, I will certainly email Arabeyya


testimonial (opinion about school)

The school is really good , i would recommend it 100 Prozent. The teaching methods are good for studying arabic and the one to one lessons are very useful. the atmosphere im school is relaxed and comfortable and all the employees are kind, nice and open.

only remark: little bit too expensive for students, who have to pay that on their own in general.

sabrina zahren