Learn Arabic in egypt


The staff members are very kind

The staff members are very kind, the classrooms are comfortable, the school is clean and I have nothing to complain about the school, the teacher or the members of the staff.
The feedback is ABSOLUTELY not easy to send because of technical stuff.



I enjoyed studying at Arabic 4 u. The class is usually excellent. The schedule is flexible; the teachers are kind and humor. Good opportunity to deepen the skills of the language and exchange cultural values with real pleasure.



Davide morandini

my arabic on line

I'm following the Arabic lessons online and I'm very satisfied. My teacher is attentive and always available, prompt and friendly. This allows me to practice the language from afar, from home: with a little baby that is perfect!

Francesca Forte

Arabeya Course

When I first arrived I wasn't used to speak in arabic I was quite prepared in grammar but not in practical issues , Now I can talk with people in the street and I understand much more of media like radio and tv.

Teachers are very kind and patient. They know how to work despite their young age. They are all prepared.

Even if Tahrir branch doesn't have a lot of students like Mohandseen branch the feeling I had coming here was always the best.

I am very satisfied with thus experience.

Ingrid Ganthaler

The Best School

For me was not the first time in an Arabic country but I am sure I will remember the time I spent here in the school, in particular all the people. This school has very good teachers, very prepared and it was a very helpful experience for me.



I have profited a lot from Arabeya online lessons  and I warmely recommend them. An Arabeyya online course is the perfect choice to start, mantain or brush up your Arabic if you have little time and cannot travel to an Arab country. Being a university professor myself I know something about teaching and learning and I am enthusiastic about the competence, flexibility and friendliness of Arabeyya teachers and staff.

Laura Guazzone

Great school

I studied for three weeks in this school and I had a really great time. I studied both ammeya and fusha. The teachers are really good at teaching and they give your time to learn without pressure. They are really nice and you can talk with them about everything. Everyone in the school is very nice and it's a really good place where you can study arabic if you have never studied it before or if you want just to improve your knowledge of this language. I recommend this school to everyone!



I was very happy with the administration and with the facilities offered by the school. The teaching was absolutely great and I can say that attending this school has definitely helped me a lot. The staff working in the school is very nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school.