Learn Arabic in egypt

Japanese (Testimonial)

Everything is good. Thanks a lot

I feel better and better everyday thanks to Arabeya

Rikako Hiraiwa


Thank you for teaching me Egyptian Arabic. I enjoyed learning Egyptian Arabic at Arabeya language school.It is the awsome and nice experience for me to school Arabeya and stay in Cairo. All of the Arabeya staff are very kind for me. In adittion, the acomodation was comfotable and useful. So,I was able to focus on studying Arabic. My arabic skill has been more improved than before. I deeply appreciate Arabeya.Learning arabic is generally thoght to be defficult for non-native speakers.Yet,thanks to Arabeya I have realized that practicing Arabic produces wonderful, enjoyable and imprresive experience. Why dont you leran arabic? I will continue to do it.Thanks.

Yaegashi Satoshi

i want to come back to ARABEYA!!

كانت مدتي مدة قصيرة ولكنها مفيدة جدا جدا جدا

خصوصا دروس الأستاذة حسناء ممتعة ونافعة

قد علمتني قراءة القصص واستماعها

وأيضا أشارت إلى ما هي نقطي الضعيفة بشكل واضح

أريد أن أرجع إلى عربية مرة أخرى في الصيف القادم

وأن أدرس عند الأستاذة حسناء

Haruko Sakaedani

good school!!

I arrived at Ezipt. and next day visited this school. Started at lesson in next day!!

very quick school start. Thank you arrange my schedule. Here is very good school!!

Shogo Takada

Satisfied with everything

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teacher, Ms.Rehab.

Before the class, I did not get used to the pronunciation and some specific rules of ECA.
However, Ms. Rehab always kindly tried to make my study enjoyable. I feel I was able to overcome some biggest weak points I had in ECA.

Ms. Rehab also helped me in the class of MSA. She always encouraged me to have a confidence and provided new, useful, and sophisticated expressions. Through the reading and discussion, I was able to not only to extend the comprehensive skills of MSA, but also deepen the understanding about Arabic culture.

In addition, I loved the warm atmosphere of this school.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staffs here.


Kuroda Ayaka

About School

Nice location from my apartment and well organized service gave me great thinking as I feel like come here to study next time again and also there were a lot of great teachers one to the junior friend of mine studying Arabic at my university as well wants to come to study Arabic at the school, As I came back to Japan, I am going to recommend the school to him to come next year. Really nice school!

However my apartment has really poor facility and furniture so you should equip some things new such as lights and washing machine.

At last I have to say the school, Thank you very much.

Daisuke Ogata

Best school

Thank you for lesson to me arabic .

My teacher is kind who is good teacher.  

I think this school is best of the egypt. If my friends want to take lesson arabic in egypt, I recomend this school.

Ryo Ichiki

Learning at Arabeya Association

I really enjoyed the days of study in Arabeya Association. I liked the private lesson very much because the teacher could adjust the level of lessons to my ability. I want come back again soon. 

Takumi Tokoro

Arigatou Arabeya :)

Watashi ga arabeya ni kayouyouninatta noha onajidaigaku no tomodachi ni susumeraretakara desu. Hajimete arabeya no gakkou he kitatoki senseitachi ga onnanohitobakaride odorokimashita. arabeya deha senesi no oshiekata mo taikeiteki de, mata onna no sensei nanode jibun no seikatsu no kotonitsuitemo hanashiyasuku, maikai no jyugyou ga totemo tanoshikatta desu. Watashi ha fos7a no jyugyou to 3ammiya no jyugyou wo saisho ha ichido ni ryouhou ukeyoutoshimashita ga, dandan mazete tsukatteshimatteiru kotoni kizuki, toriaezu 3ammiya no jyugyou dakewo ukerukoto ni shimashita. Arabeya deha jibun no level ni awasete, mata jibun no kibou ni awasete jyugyou ga torerunomo ookina miryoku no hitotsu dato omoimasu. Mata uketsukeno kata mo ochakumi no katatachimo minna totemo shinsetsu de friendly de arabeya ha totemo huniki no ii gakkou dato omoimashita. Watashi ha kokodeno benkyou wo oete mou jibun no kuni he kaerukotoni narimashitaga mata egypt ni kurutoki ha mata kokode benkyou dekitara iina to omotteimasu. Arabeya no minasan imamade arigatou gozaimashita!! :)


The school

the school  turns  out to be way better than I expected

The price is cheaper compared to other schools (still too much for me though),so I was kind of  worried about the quality of the teachers & accommodations but they were just prefect

I was concerned about the security issues in Egypt  too especially because some demonstrations were going on
I expected to see chaotic situations & was even ready to be mussed on the street but it is really safe to stay here ,which is super cool

Everything was great & went just perfectly, Thank you
Yuja Uza


أنا بحب مدرسة عربية علشان أنا درست مع معلمة كويسة و عندنا Event كتير
ازاي عيد و شم النسيم كده :)

أنا عايزة أدرس هنا مرة تانية إن شاء الله



في اليابان عدد المدارس قليل جدا ليس من الممكن أن ندرس الللغة العربية و نتحدث باللغة العربية .لذلك ليستهناك فرصة لدراسة اللغة العربية و لكن في هذه المدرسة من الممكن أن ندرس اللغة العربية و نتحدث بهذة اللغة أكثر
ثانيا في اليابان معظم الناس  يهتمون بالقواعد و القراءة فقط في أي لغة عادة

لذلك لا نستطيع أن نتحدث بأي لغة مع الأسف .بالعكس في هذه المدرسة من الممكن أن نتحدث بالللغة العربية كثيرا .هذا الأمر جيد جدا بالنسبة لنا.

Takahiro Murakami


Teachers are very good because they about our  and hear our opinion and what we want.

Thank you for your kindness

Takayo Ida


I decided to come to here because my friends told me that the teachers in 4u school are very kind and polite .
After I came here,I`m sure about that and the teachers accepted my wish about what I want to do in the lessons .

so although my term was a little ,I could study here grammar,listening ,writing and conversation.

Takuto Kawano


I`m so glad to study arabic here.teachers are all ind and school good.I hope to study here again



This school is perfect!!

kozo ono

Arabeya School

I just studied in the Arabeya language school for one month, but I really appreciate the head of the school, Mr. Hamid, and all teachers, and stuffs. Though I did not have enough time to study, but Ms. Maryam managed my schedule kindly. Ms. Marwa explained the Arabic  colloquial system systematically. So her explanation is so helpful for me to understand Anmiyyah. Ms. Ghada prepared for the study of reading with me in Fusha class. I asked her to read difficult classical texts including Hadith and Qur'an, but she explained it. I really thank their efforts and excellent explanation.

Makoto Sawai

Arabeya School

You suported me well.

kozue kita

good arabic school

When i came Egypt ,I didn't decide any thing .It means school and house .

but this school supported me these all things.

and all teacher teached me kindly, i felt comfortable here.

thank you!

Hiroto Noma

Satisfied with everything

I studied here for a year and I'm satisfied with my studying. I studied Fusha and Ameya, they taught me very kindly and systematically so I became to like studying them. In this school there were some events like iftar party and so on. I could learn not only language but Egyptian cultures.

Kyoka Tohi