Learn Arabic in egypt


Great school

Great school, teachers all interested in teaching and it shows. Administration and organization could use improvement. It is great that the school gives you flexibility for your schedule but I believe the organisation and the timing of giving the weekly schedule could be improved. Especially if there is last minute changes. All in all the staff and workers at the school are friendly and willing to help however they can. Pointers for improvement: -School accommodation could use a lot of maintenance and cleaning work. Location is convenient but for the price the house itself could be in a better condition (mattresses, fridge, washing machine, etc) and might include a monthly deep cleaning . This would not only increase the number of students that want to stay at the accommodation but also improve the experience of the students. -Cultural excursions would be a great idea to expand (such as the trip to Fayoum ). Students would benefit a lot with school trips or assistance for trips/activities for them to enjoy other aspects of Egypt. -Language services: would be great if the school could assist or coordinate with language exchange partners in order to facilitate and increase the usage of Arabic  outside of the school

Amira Abdalla