Learn Arabic in egypt



The school is very flexible and considers your wishes. there is a good atmosphere at the school, people are very friendly and welcoming.

Kathrin Buehler

classes at arabeyaschool

very nice. everyone who likes to progress in the arabian language that is the school you need. the whole stuff is very friendly and professional. i really have had a good time the two weeks. thanks and i hope i will find my way back to new lessons soon.

bernhard roth


With my teachers I had a lot of very interesting discussions about life in Egypt and the lessons always went by very quickly. They let me speak a lot and so I could really practice my arabic and learn a lot.

The whole staff and the teachers were always very friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed my time with Arabeya.

Christoph Borer


Arabeya Language School is very central located at Tharirsquare in down town of Cairo. Not only the teachers are looking after the students very carefully but also a secretary and a servant are doing their very best to make the students stay as convenient as possible. The teachers are very well educated. Unfortunately the tables in the private lessons are horribly uncomfortabel especially for tall people.

Andreas Iseli

Study Arabic

In this one month I learned more than in one semester at the university. I could progress with my vocabulary in different thematic fields. The teachers used my MSA background for the teaching me ECA in a well structured way. The atmosphere in the class was fantastic and I shall miss the yallaing.

I hope to be back next year to continue with my studies.

Jonas Gasser

How to enjoy studying arabic

My experience at Arabeya Arabic School was really above my expectations. Indeed, the school provided me with a tailor-made program, a very competent and friendly staff, and took care of my accommodation in Cairo. Moreover, the teachers are highly motivated and qualified, and thanks to them I made qualitative progress in Arabic. I would highly recommend this school to any students who want to learn Arabic in an efficient and pleasant way.


testimonial (opinion about school)

I am very happy about the school! Good teaching structure (all skills were trained, e.g. speaking, listening, reading, grammar, ...) and very flexible with schedules. Over all a very good experience!


Arabeya (Arabic Lessons)

At the school I felt very well. The staff was very kind especially Walaa was very friendly and helpful. she asked me several times if everything was okay and so I never felt alone, thanks a lot to Walaa and her staff. They do a good job.

I was also happy with my teachers Nour and hager. They were always very friendly and smiling I enjoyed the classes a lot.

We are only worked with the booh but did also several things like reading "Taxi", looking at videos, reading conversations and comment on facebook and we talked a lot that was very useful for me.

Christoph Borer

Victors testemonial

El-Arabeyya is a great school which provides for a perfect language experience. The staff and teachers are very friendly, kind and helpful. I appreciated the homely atmosphere and familiarity of the place, as well as its fexibility. In particular, I appreciated the classes with Nour, who is one of the best Arabic teachers I've ever had. I will surely make good publicity for el-Arabeyya in Oxford.  

Victor Willi


Very professional school and with friendly staff,

thank you. 

Susanne Schmid

Awesome experience


I recommend to do the online classes by skype in egyptian dialect as it is an awesome experience to learn quickly the dialect. There is a lot of conversation and it is an easy way to learn new vocabulary quickly.

One hour per weke has allowed me to improve significantly


4 week course

I attended a 4 week course and it was very good. The first two weeks were a 1 on 1 course which was very nice because we were able to work on specific areas such reading comprehension and vocabulary (both of which are my weak points). I've spent the last two weeks with another student and I especially enjoyed the conversations and working with media such as songs,poems and even short films.

The language institute is just a short walk away from the appartment. The area is very friendly not far away from the center. Overall I was very pleased with my stay. 


Arabic Language

The school is wonderful. Everybody is very friendly and good. 

ُElvira Isenring

Study Arabic

Was cool to meet all people from the school ! Now I can (maybe) buy some bread and the seller could understand something. A new world is opening to me.

Anthony Martins de Macedo


These 3 weeks in Egypt were a good first experience of Arabic language. I could enjoy the Ramadan and learn the basics of Arabic grammar. Every teacher was really kind here. I hope to come back to Egypt inshallah