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Carisse Boneardo:

I had a very positive experience with this school. I came to Egypt knowing no Arabic and now I can effectively communicate my point, however simple to  people in Cairo.
Aya took the time to explain concepts and make difficult points easier to understand. I felt very welcome in the school and it was easy to express my confusion or any misinterpretations that I may have had


Carisse Boneardo:

The Best School

This school is a very good school.The teachers are very good.They are very competent and can explain complicated things very well.You can choose, if you want to focus on grammar, conservations etc..


Andrea's Witness

I really enjoyed my experience with Arabeya and although I could only spend a short time here, I believe my knowledge of the Arabic language has increased a lot.  For this reason, I would like to thank all the people working at the school.



Andrea Verganti
united Kingdom

About School

Nice location from my apartment and well organized service gave me great thinking as I feel like come here to study next time again and also there were a lot of great teachers one to the junior friend of mine studying Arabic at my university as well wants to come to study Arabic at the school, As I came back to Japan, I am going to recommend the school to him to come next year. Really nice school!

However my apartment has really poor facility and furniture so you should equip some things new such as lights and washing machine.

At last I have to say the school, Thank you very much.

Daisuke Ogata


The school is very flexible and considers your wishes. there is a good atmosphere at the school, people are very friendly and welcoming.

Kathrin Buehler

Good school

Very nice teacher and people around
The place could be difficult to locate without preparation

It has been exactly what I wanted,this way of learning that we chose together with the teacher .We did not last any time.

Teacher very patient.
I thanks her for that.


very organized and work professionally

I have been very pleased to attend classes at Arabeya in Muhandiseen. The staff are always smiling, welcoming and eager to help out. It is a lovely place to be and they are very organized and work professionally!

Cecilie Noer


Recomendamos Arabeya School por su profesionalidad y su flexibilidad ante nuestras peticiones. El alojamiento es fenomenal

We are very happy about Arabeya

Leandra Dunn:

The school was very professional yet also accommodating and flexible to the needs of our groups. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Arabic

Leandra Dunn:

Best school

Thank you for lesson to me arabic .

My teacher is kind who is good teacher.  

I think this school is best of the egypt. If my friends want to take lesson arabic in egypt, I recomend this school.

Ryo Ichiki

Very nice school

I already went twice to the school because I liked it so much during the first time. I spent one month in 2012 and one month in 2013 and I learned a lot. The teachers are all very nice and flexible and adapt to you. The accommodation is convenient just next to school. I hope I can come back a third time soon! I miss you all!


My opinion

I studied at Arabeya for 4 weeks and I have to say that it was the best decision to study here.

I am very satisfied with the school and the teaching. I came here not being able to speak at all and after just 100 hours of one-to-one teaching I am able to tell stories and communicate in Modern Standard Arabic. The lessons were very enjoyable and time always passed very quickly because I enjoyed too much. Me and my teacher laughed a lot in the lessons and she often picked texts according to my interests. I received very useful handouts and the grammar lessons helped me to know the foundation of the language. I surely recommend this school because everything is so organized and the teachers are very flexible with the students wishes.

Monique Dobbert
United Kingdom

classes at arabeyaschool

very nice. everyone who likes to progress in the arabian language that is the school you need. the whole stuff is very friendly and professional. i really have had a good time the two weeks. thanks and i hope i will find my way back to new lessons soon.

bernhard roth


I spent 2 weeks in Arabeya for MSA courses and i would
say that it will remain a very nice and great memory. 
All the staff here is ready to help and is welcoming. 
Highly recommended !!!!!
franck joly

I liked the school very much

I liked the school very much. It has been exceptionally useful for me.

The two weeks of study have efficiently helped me regain some of my arabic proficiency.

Mads Ellgaard Knudsen

The classes are fun and useful

I'm delighted with my online classes. The only trouble is the Skype connection which often cuts, especially at the beginning of classes.

Maria Scanlan

Learning at Arabeya Association

I really enjoyed the days of study in Arabeya Association. I liked the private lesson very much because the teacher could adjust the level of lessons to my ability. I want come back again soon. 

Takumi Tokoro

Great Arabic School

I was a first time student at Arabeyya from 2011 to 2012. All teachers are very nice, and will help with anything that you need. I was lucky to have three teachers of Arabeyya whom were all very well prepared with various teaching approaches. They all made their sessions fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend over other Arabic schools of Cairo!  When i can travel to the middle east outside the job i will certainly contact Arabeyya.

درست في المَدرسَة اللغة العربية لمدة علم واحد في سنِة ٢٠١١ - ٢٠١٢

كل مُدرسَات المَدرسَة العَرَبِيَة مُدرسات جيدون و مُساعدون   

سوف أرجوَ و أدرُسِ




Diese Schule ist wirklich empfehlenswert. Ich hatte eine sehr gute Zeit hier und wurde sehr nett empfangen. Aenderungswuenschen jeglicher Art wird sehr entgegenkommend entsprochen und man achtet sehr darauf, dass die Schueler sich wohl fuehlen! Ein Hoch auf Arabeya


For Arabeya

really excellent teachers who work hard to let you understand even complex idea! A lot of fun. The teacher’s English was excellent and the school provided good value for money. The extra few minutes spent on ECA is addition the mostly MSA classes were very useful. All in all a great Arabic school and good value for money compared to my offer Arabic school.

Joseph Spencer

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