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With my teachers I had a lot of very interesting discussions about life in Egypt and the lessons always went by very quickly. They let me speak a lot and so I could really practice my arabic and learn a lot.

The whole staff and the teachers were always very friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed my time with Arabeya.

Christoph Borer

Great Experience

I was studying arabic for 2 1/2 months in this school, and I really had an amazing time.

All the staff is very friendly, kind, and helpful. I can only recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn arabic in Cairo. The teachers are all great. I had one-to-one class and small group class, and every time it was a pleasur for me to come to the school. I had a lot of fun, and after almost 3 months, I am really happy of my level in arabic.

Thank you to all of you for this unforgettable experience with you.

Elena Voinson Pi

Great school to pick up basic Arabic

I spent an intense 30 hours course (over 6 days) here and learned reading, writing and talking basic Arabic. Totally recommend it. Young students and teachers.


Ivar Herlev Soerensen

I warmly recommend Arabeya's one-to-one Arabic classes with their highly engaged teachers.

Ivar Herlev Soerensen

Arigatou Arabeya :)

Watashi ga arabeya ni kayouyouninatta noha onajidaigaku no tomodachi ni susumeraretakara desu. Hajimete arabeya no gakkou he kitatoki senseitachi ga onnanohitobakaride odorokimashita. arabeya deha senesi no oshiekata mo taikeiteki de, mata onna no sensei nanode jibun no seikatsu no kotonitsuitemo hanashiyasuku, maikai no jyugyou ga totemo tanoshikatta desu. Watashi ha fos7a no jyugyou to 3ammiya no jyugyou wo saisho ha ichido ni ryouhou ukeyoutoshimashita ga, dandan mazete tsukatteshimatteiru kotoni kizuki, toriaezu 3ammiya no jyugyou dakewo ukerukoto ni shimashita. Arabeya deha jibun no level ni awasete, mata jibun no kibou ni awasete jyugyou ga torerunomo ookina miryoku no hitotsu dato omoimasu. Mata uketsukeno kata mo ochakumi no katatachimo minna totemo shinsetsu de friendly de arabeya ha totemo huniki no ii gakkou dato omoimashita. Watashi ha kokodeno benkyou wo oete mou jibun no kuni he kaerukotoni narimashitaga mata egypt ni kurutoki ha mata kokode benkyou dekitara iina to omotteimasu. Arabeya no minasan imamade arigatou gozaimashita!! :)


Great Arabic School

I was a first time student at Arabeyya from 2011 to 2012. All teachers are very nice, and will help with anything that you need. I was lucky to have three teachers of Arabeyya whom were all very well prepared with various teaching approaches. They all made their sessions fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend over other Arabic schools of Cairo!  When i can travel to the middle east outside the job i will certainly contact Arabeyya.

درست في المَدرسَة اللغة العربية لمدة علم واحد في سنِة ٢٠١١ - ٢٠١٢

كل مُدرسَات المَدرسَة العَرَبِيَة مُدرسات جيدون و مُساعدون   

سوف أرجوَ و أدرُسِ



My opinion on Arabeya

The school is very good and well organized with dedicated teachers.


For Arabeya

really excellent teachers who work hard to let you understand even complex idea! A lot of fun. The teacher’s English was excellent and the school provided good value for money. The extra few minutes spent on ECA is addition the mostly MSA classes were very useful. All in all a great Arabic school and good value for money compared to my offer Arabic school.

Joseph Spencer


Arabeya Language School is very central located at Tharirsquare in down town of Cairo. Not only the teachers are looking after the students very carefully but also a secretary and a servant are doing their very best to make the students stay as convenient as possible. The teachers are very well educated. Unfortunately the tables in the private lessons are horribly uncomfortabel especially for tall people.

Andreas Iseli

Fusha Class

Just to stay that I had a good time in Arabeya. I went to learn Arabic Fusha and I learn a lot. Thank you very muchCool


A great insight in ECA

Even if I stayed for a short time at this language school, the teaching was efficient enough to give me a very good communication basis. The working team is very nice and friendly, which makes you feel almost at home in this cosy flat located in Tahrir Square. If I get the chance to do it, no doubt that I would come back to this school to deepen my learning, and I strongly recommand it to any person interested in learning Arabic (MSA or ECA) in the incredible Cairo city. Thank you so much, to my teachers and to all the working team of Tahrir branch of Arabeya.

Timothee Haug

Very good one to one classes

Arabeya has very good one to one classes. The teachers are every carrying and helpful. I sometimes had problems with the planning of my classes, because the teachers canceled several times on the same day, which sometimes were frustrating. But all in all a very good school. 

Theresa Laugesen

Fiona Bassoum

 This is my second time I have been to the mohandiseen branch of Arabeya School. All the staff are very freindly and kind and the overall atmosphere of the school is very welcoming . In the ECA lessons I have been taking the teachers seen genuiely interested in your opinions which makes for a lively disccussion . One on one lessons mean that the lessons will be at exactly the right level . I have really enjoyed my time at thew school the lesson were both useful and alot of fun.


Fiona Bassoum

Study Arabic

In this one month I learned more than in one semester at the university. I could progress with my vocabulary in different thematic fields. The teachers used my MSA background for the teaching me ECA in a well structured way. The atmosphere in the class was fantastic and I shall miss the yallaing.

I hope to be back next year to continue with my studies.

Jonas Gasser

my opinion

I feel very satisfied with my time at Arabeya. Everyone on the staff was always extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, I found the classes to be very good as well. They were flexible in enabling me to learn what I wanted, both in choosing what to study and then how those lessons proceeded on a day to day basis. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya.

John Deborski


Staying and studying here at al arabeya has been a huge step forward both academically and personally. Hela is a very competent and professional teacher who has shown a lot of patience and good will and motivation. "Customer service" and organization was really caring and I felt welcome at all times. Shukran.

Maria Salgado

The school

the school  turns  out to be way better than I expected

The price is cheaper compared to other schools (still too much for me though),so I was kind of  worried about the quality of the teachers & accommodations but they were just prefect

I was concerned about the security issues in Egypt  too especially because some demonstrations were going on
I expected to see chaotic situations & was even ready to be mussed on the street but it is really safe to stay here ,which is super cool

Everything was great & went just perfectly, Thank you
Yuja Uza

About Arabeya

its the first time that i come to egipt and its amazing.

About the academy, i want more. There are good teachers and always have a smile. All people in the academy nice and friendly. its a good experience and i learn more arabic



A school with very friendly and professional staff. It was my second stay here and I will come back.



I was very happy for my time at arabeya, and I felt that I progressed very fast with my individual class. The school specializes in individual teaching which makes them very skilled in this field.

Astrid Kudahl

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