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I was very impressed and satisfied with my time at Arebeya. The staff are very dedicated, thorough and consistent with their instruction. It should be noted too that I had visited other schools in the city seeking arabic lessons and didn't find any other structure to compare with what Arebeya had to offer.

Nicholas Sheldon

Kullu tamaam!

This is a GREAT school and I'm really happy I found it. I will definitely come back in the future. The two teachers I came in contact with (I had one on one classes) were both great! A real asset to the school!

The lessons were well planned, I was given homework and it was checked up on (or we did them quickly together on the few occasions I had left some part undone because of too much sightseeing the previous day). The teachers both had an amazing patience and they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. We also had a lot of fun and there wasn't a single dull moment during class.

Everyone I came in contact with at the school (i.e. not only the teachers) were very friendly and they speak good English.

The school has a good wifi connection and you can have coffee and tea during the breaks.


school is very flexible

school is very flexible in meeting the demands of students and the
teachers are well qualified and communicate clearly
Charles Northam

Lori Souza

I want to thank the center for the wonderful lessons here in El Mohandeseen. I stayed for two weeks in the accomodation offered by the school. I learned much during this short  time. I have been studying Arabic slowly over the last year. The teachers here know how to bring all the knowledge together so that learning is not only fun, but an experience that will help me to further my studies in Arabic. I would like to come back again. The school provided an excellent service by providing me with everything  I needed to get by in El Mohandessen. Thank you for making my stay in Egypt an enriched experience!!

Lori Souza

maite pe

I would recommend Arabeya due to its one-to-one tutorial classes which give you the possibility of following your own method in the language as well as the interaction with the teacher. If you acctually  to have  Hasnaa Hussain as a teacher , you will experience not only the thorough knowledge let she be in the envelope but also  in Islamic culture  . I have improved a lot in all these fields to this school  and my teacher

maite pe

Study Arabic

I took two weeks Arabic course in the school. I got an opportunity to work with different teachers and them all here very friendly and professional. I strongly recommend Arabeya for those who want to learn Arabic in Egypt.

Piotr Kukula

Arabic Lessons

I have been very happy about going here, it's very convenient with the metro from (Maadi) and when you arrive you are always met by a friendly face at the front desk.

I took one to one classes and was very satisfied to be able to decide what to do with my time. when I came the first time I started the next day, very effective! 

Christina Hedegaard

Arabeya (Arabic Lessons)

At the school I felt very well. The staff was very kind especially Walaa was very friendly and helpful. she asked me several times if everything was okay and so I never felt alone, thanks a lot to Walaa and her staff. They do a good job.

I was also happy with my teachers Nour and hager. They were always very friendly and smiling I enjoyed the classes a lot.

We are only worked with the booh but did also several things like reading "Taxi", looking at videos, reading conversations and comment on facebook and we talked a lot that was very useful for me.

Christoph Borer


The school is a really nice place to be - everyone is very friendly and it's nice to be able to practiSe Arabic with different people. The garden is really nice for hanging out too!

Abi Parr
United Kingdom



I enjoyed my studies at Arabeya Language Institute very much. I learned a lot during the lessons and improved my language skills. My teacher always considered my questions and never hesitated to explain something another time. Not only the teachers, but also the rest of the stuff is very kind and helpful and I felt very comfortable and welcome at the Institute.



Teachers are very good because they about our  and hear our opinion and what we want.

Thank you for your kindness

Takayo Ida


What a professional school! What a lovely family! Located in the heart of Cairo, Arabeya stands out for its customized teaching method. Each student is given particular attention, based on his/her level of arabic as well as prior studies and knowledge. The friendliness and hospitality of the the entire staff made my stay pleasant, enjoyable and fun! All this, while experiencing the timelessly wealthy age-old history and culture of Cairo and Egypt. 

karim Ibrahim

A friendly, flexible school

The Arabeya schools in Cairo are very popular - so I was lucky that they were able to fit me into their schedule at all, when I made a last-minute transfer from another Arabic language school. I studied fusha for one month.

Arabeya has the outspoken goal of trying to meet every student's individual needs and desires, which is a good start. One thing that the teachers could work more on, is insisting to give instructions, etc, in class - always first in Arabic, then in English. On the other hand, the lessons that I took were different than the ordinary language programs, since they were especially tailored to prepare for my Swedish university exams.

The atmosphere in the school is friendly, a bit crowded, happy!

Julia Krueger

Darlina & Iman & Khadeejah

We thoroughly enjoyed learning colloquial Arabic here at the Arabeya Institute. From the get-go, the teachers and staff alike were extremely friendly and made us feel welcome for the duration of our study. The class was engaging and exciting, with games and activities to stimulate the mind and directly apply what we were learning. We are now successfully able to proceed with daily dealings without having to play a game of charades with the shop owners and taxi drivers, making not only our stay here in Egypt much easier and more cultured, but one that is invaluable to us - one that we know we will continue to utilise back home.

Iman & Darlina & Khadeejah

The staff members are very kind

The staff members are very kind, the classrooms are comfortable, the school is clean and I have nothing to complain about the school, the teacher or the members of the staff.
The feedback is ABSOLUTELY not easy to send because of technical stuff.


Jane Sepstrup

This is a very good school I have been studying here twice and had two different teachers and both of them have a very high quality of teaching. I will definitely recommend this school to others.

Jane Sepstrup

Daniel Negless

I had a real experience over the last three months learning a lot of fus7a and having fun doing so…thanks for the experience . Great teacher fun experience I have learned a lot so fun looking forward to even more things best of luck in her future . during my 13 week’s study we went to Alazhar park and all of pats 2&3 great great experience

Daniel Negless

Khalid Karaz


I am globaly satisfied of all my linguistic trip in cairo. The school and teacher was good thanks Marwa for all you teach me duriong one eutire month. My accomodation was correct but expencive compare to the real estate in cairo.


I hope that come back as soon as I can and wish you succes for the future inchallah.


khalid karaz


خالد كراز


Khalid Karaz

Victors testemonial

El-Arabeyya is a great school which provides for a perfect language experience. The staff and teachers are very friendly, kind and helpful. I appreciated the homely atmosphere and familiarity of the place, as well as its fexibility. In particular, I appreciated the classes with Nour, who is one of the best Arabic teachers I've ever had. I will surely make good publicity for el-Arabeyya in Oxford.  

Victor Willi

Arabic Course

My opinion about the school is good. the teachers explain very well, and I could practice and improve my Arabic language. At the same time I have stayed in the country. 

Alejandro Martin Iglesias

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