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I loved my time in Arabeya

I  have come to this school knowing nothing about life in Egypt...

Ana Maria Gajdo
Romania, Italy

Great School

First of all it was an overall very positive experience.. I was in the smaller branch in downtown directly located at the tahrir sqare with an appartement 10 minutes by foot through the beautiful and revolutionwise important street of mohammed mahmoud. The best location you could think of! i immediately fell in love with the city. We had class in a group of two, starting from zero and both of the teachers were effective but most importantly very heartedly and open people. i learned a lot in only four weeks starting from nothing and could even speak a little bit with egyptians although i learned msa. Overall it was a perfect experience and I will come back in two weeks to recover my arabic again. thank you so much!

Katharina Hajek


Great language school: nice teachers, good coffee


Satisfied with everything

I studied here for a year and I'm satisfied with my studying. I studied Fusha and Ameya, they taught me very kindly and systematically so I became to like studying them. In this school there were some events like iftar party and so on. I could learn not only language but Egyptian cultures.

Kyoka Tohi

very good school

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school, there is a very friendly environment and excellent atmosphere for learning Arabic outside as well as inside the class. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Arabic in a fun environment. Once you've come here once you will want to come again.

United Kingdom


I had a great educational experience at Arabeya. The teachers were wonderful and highly professional. They know exactly how to help you reach your specific goals whether it be in Egyptian Colloquial or Modern Standard Arabic.


Great school

Great school, teachers all interested in teaching and it shows. Administration and organization could use improvement. It is great that the school gives you flexibility for your schedule but I believe the organisation and the timing of giving the weekly schedule could be improved. Especially if there is last minute changes. All in all the staff and workers at the school are friendly and willing to help however they can. Pointers for improvement: -School accommodation could use a lot of maintenance and cleaning work. Location is convenient but for the price the house itself could be in a better condition (mattresses, fridge, washing machine, etc) and might include a monthly deep cleaning . This would not only increase the number of students that want to stay at the accommodation but also improve the experience of the students. -Cultural excursions would be a great idea to expand (such as the trip to Fayoum ). Students would benefit a lot with school trips or assistance for trips/activities for them to enjoy other aspects of Egypt. -Language services: would be great if the school could assist or coordinate with language exchange partners in order to facilitate and increase the usage of Arabic  outside of the school

Amira Abdalla

The school was really good

I'm really happy to know about Arabeya, studying here with other different foreigners and Egyptian native speakers gave to me a great cultural experience. One of the best part was to have the break between the class and have the opportunity share time with Om Essam, she is the soul of Arabeya. Even she doesn't speak English you just want to try to talk with her. Specially with my very basic Arabic she was always willing to help me and talk to me. I will miss her and everyone in the School, I hope I can come back one day, Inshalla!!!

Natalie Nazario

Great teacher

There have been several noticeable improvements since my last visit and the atmosphere is as friendly and relaxed as possible

The classes are very dynamic. The teacher gets you speaking even at my basic level.

Great teacher. I had fun and got to practice speaking as much as possible at my level.

Simon Johnson

Friendly, positive, atmosphere

Highly recommendable language school in Cairo. Very friendly atmosphere and high level of teaching!

Friendly, positive, atmosphere
Nice to get to know the other teachers as well
Lovely to have Madam Mervat around to practice

Nona Bal

A good experience in all aspects

A good experience in all aspects and choosing this place is a proper decision

Seong Hyun

Lino Ventosinos

  it was a great experience unfortunately only for 2 weeks but it was prepared to  repeat it next year thank u for aya support & didn’t drop out at the first difficulty


Lino Ventosinos

Michaela Zezulkova

I have truly enjoyed my time in Egypt mostly because of the great people I met . thanks to the school . I feel like my Arabic has improved thanks to my excellent teachers & the learning friendly atmosphere .I really enjoyed my lessons @ arabeya specially the small group & the school is very beautiful . thank u very much for the lovely stay @ your school and hope to come again

Michaela Zezulkova
Czech Republic


I have spent three months studying at the school and I only can say that I am very pleased with the teaching by all those excellent teachers ans the wonderful staff always willling to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The teachers I had a few, are very keen to help you in your endeavor and in adapting the material acording to your interest which makes for an enjoyable experience altogether.The school is in a quiet and nice location of Cairo and you might opt for the accommodation near by which is very convenient also. thank you very much to evryone. I leave happy with a good base to follow on studying. J ai passe trois mois dans cette ecole et je ne peux que feliciter le personnel qui est tres attentif a vos demandes et s'applique a rendre votre sejour tres agreable. Mais l enseignement est tres bon et les professeurs sont tres attentives aussi a vos demandes et vous guident dans votre apprentissage selon vos capacites, vos interest et vos besoins. Je quitte l'ecole confiant avec de tres bonnes bases quio me permettent de continuer a progresser dans mon apprentissage de la langue arabe. Vous pouvez egalement profiter du logement qui est tout proche de l ecole qui se trouve dans un quartier bien tranquille et calme du Caire.

Gilbert Fouchard


Study Arabic

Was cool to meet all people from the school ! Now I can (maybe) buy some bread and the seller could understand something. A new world is opening to me.

Anthony Martins de Macedo

Arabeya School

Arabeya School has a range of options for Arabic learners including individual or small group classes throughout the year at two convenient locations in Cairo. The teachers and administrators are all professional and speak English well. The school is very practical and flexible and offers both Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect. ٍSometimes the school organizes cultural activities on weekends for students. It is a fun and relaxed environment in which to learn Arabic.

Charles Northam

My opinion

I am very satisfied with my short, but intense, time at the school. Everyone is really helpful and the teachers are very professional.


My opinion on Arabeya

The school is the best. The teachers are the best and I can recommend this school for everyone who wants to improve arabic and spend great time in Egypt.

klaudia Cwiekala


I loved studying at Arabeya Language school. The teachers are very professional and focus on the student's specific needs. I can really recommend it!

Nelsi Pelinku

For Arabeya

the services provided by the school are excellent. However the school should try to arrange for the students tours in Egypt, even if it is a certain fee. The school should also have books available for students to purchase, especially for Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

I feel that the school is brilliant and the manner in which teachers are selected is excellent. I would definitely refer to other people to come to this special school to learn Arabic. The atmosphere in the school is definitely welcoming and it allows students to remain eager in wanting to learn more.

Naasik Ahamed Mohamed
South Africa

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