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Arabeya school

Arabeya gave me the foundation on which to improve my Arabic skills in the future. There teachers are respectful and more than willing to help you. I'd recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn Arabic or improve there Arabic skills.



I was extremly positively surprised about the school!

I learned many languages (6) abroad in different schools and Arabeya was one of the best !

The quality of the lessons and the teachers , the on time schedule, the willingness to solve any troubles and any critic in a very short time. That is what makes the difference!

All my special needs for Arabic at the Airport where taken in consideration. Extra special material prepared!

I cannot even remember that anything ever went wrong! A real wonder!

I hope I can came back soon


Great experience in Arabeya!

I'm really satisfied for the school and the teaching. My Arabic level improved a lot and I also became more motivated to study more. Because of the small group size the lectures were really intensive and effective. Thank you Arabeya and my teacher Rania for such an amazing experience.

Laura Pontinen


I've attended several schools in Cairo, but Arabeya is the best, I've been to. All the teachers I had were very good at tailoring a program that suited my needs perfectly. Very good at teaching Media Arabic which is very useful for journalists.

Michael Lund

Highly Personalized Study

I came to Cairo with two very specific language goals in MSA and ECA and 3 years prior experience with the language. Most language institutes specialize in teaching beginning learners so finding one that can determine your prior level and work with you to improve it in ways that help you meet a specific goal is fairly difficult in my experience. However, through one-on-one classes with Hasnaa I was able to meet my goals in a relatively short time thanks to the great job she did working with me to find my exact weaknesses in both MSA and ECA and address them in appropriate ways. The totally personalized lesson plan and real study materials she created for me (not just stock handouts) made for an all around exceptional learning experience. Perhaps you could say as much for other tutors around the world, but I've studied at other language schools in Cairo and the greater Middle East and I have yet to find a place with the same educational value per hour that you receive at Arabeya.

Brad Youngblood

Arabeya 's the best course

Arabeya is a very good course. Teachers are knowledgeable and very helpful. I recommend everyone. Arabey serves also online courses which is very helpful for the people that cannot come to the Tahrir or people that live outside Egypt.


Kind, amaying people I ll never foget

I found a family here in Arabeya. It is my family in Egypt. Very good teachers, very nice people! I want to come back as soon as possible. In a short time they made wonders for me! Listening, reading, writing, listening, playing in Arabic, all these made me better and better! It is an amaying experince. And Egypt and Cairo are forever in my heart because of the peoples and places and history and culture! Thank you Arabeya!

Ana-Maria Gajdo
Romania, Italy

good arabic school

When i came Egypt ,I didn't decide any thing .It means school and house .

but this school supported me these all things.

and all teacher teached me kindly, i felt comfortable here.

thank you!

Hiroto Noma


I studied MSA at Arabeya for 3 weeks and I had a wonderful time. The teachers were very professional, yet spontanious and helpful. It was the first time that I visited Egypt and the staff of Arabeya were advising me on several occasions when I had questions. My level of Arabic increased substantially due to group lessons. Together with a few other students who where of my same level, I improved my Arabic in a very pleasant way. 

All in all, Arabeya is the perfect place to learn or improve your Arabic and to meet lovely people. I would like to thank Arabeya for my time in Cairo.

Maurits Booij
The Netherlands


This was a very well structured course which was very flexible to my timings and days. I would highly recommend Arabeya as everyone is very polite and helpful and can help at whatever level Aravic you are on.

United Kingdom

Great school

I studied for three weeks in this school and I had a really great time. I studied both ammeya and fusha. The teachers are really good at teaching and they give your time to learn without pressure. They are really nice and you can talk with them about everything. Everyone in the school is very nice and it's a really good place where you can study arabic if you have never studied it before or if you want just to improve your knowledge of this language. I recommend this school to everyone!


A very well balanced mixture of Speaking, Listening and Reading exercises.

The school left a really good impression on me. Teachers are experienced, listen to your specific needs and adjust the classes towards them whether it is speaking, reading, listening and/or writing you are interested in. Would definitely recommend this school to friends and acquaintances.

Miguel Dhoore

Remy duveruey

It was a great experience and learned many things. The school is well located and stuff is very friendly. The structures of the course are well setup and many subjects are teached .

Remy duveruey


I have profited a lot from Arabeya online lessons  and I warmely recommend them. An Arabeyya online course is the perfect choice to start, mantain or brush up your Arabic if you have little time and cannot travel to an Arab country. Being a university professor myself I know something about teaching and learning and I am enthusiastic about the competence, flexibility and friendliness of Arabeyya teachers and staff.

Laura Guazzone

A short course worthwhile

I spent around 1 month and a half studying at Arabeya but wish I would have been able to stay longer. The flexible system allows for tailored schedules according to the wishes and needs of the students. The teachers seem experienced and mine was able not only to teach me  the basics of ECA but also introduce me to the Egyptian culture. I will do my best to return to Arabeya in the future and I recommend the school to anyone who is interested in learning ECA.



We spent a great time here in school. The teachers are very helpful and nice. We want to come back as soon as it is possible.

Aleksandra and Klaudia

my opinion

I have been studying at the school in Cairo for a year, and I would have to say it has been a positive influence on my Arabic fluency to say the least.

I came here only knowing Modern Standard Arabic, and even then my comprehension of it was average at best. Now however I would say that I am very comfortable in both written and spoken Arabic, whether in Modern Standard or in Egyptian colloquial.

The one thing which I think stands out about the school is the class structure. Most students have classes one-on-one in a semi-formal atmosphere, which means you get to learn how people speak normally to each other, rather than learning to speak some really stilted artificial version of how people really speak. You also gain a real insight into Egyptian life and culture as a result.

It is too difficult to jot down just how beneficial my time here has been here, but I can safely say that I have no regrets and would definitely recommend the school to those who are looking for a language school in Cairo

Jarryd Calcinai

Arabic Language

The school is wonderful. Everybody is very friendly and good. 

ُElvira Isenring

my opinion sobre Arabeya

En Arabeya podras aprender arabe de forma divertida y agradable con precios razonables y con profesores jovenes muy amables y simpaticos. Si cojes un paquete de bastantes horas te sale muy barata la hora y es divertido aprender con ellos.


My opinion on Arabeya

I was glad to be here. I can recommend this school to others who want to learn Arabic language.

Daniela Folwarczna
The Czech republic


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